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Joey Book

Photo by Mitchel Raphael

Joey Wargachuk is an entrepreneur, radical risk taker, and celebrated Toronto-based communications professional. Adopted in Montreal, QC, Joey was raised in Prince Edward Island where we he was home schooled by overzealous religious parents.

At 16, Joey was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and situational learning disability. He attended Three Oaks Senior High in city of Summerside which transformed him into social butterfly.

After high school Joey moved to Toronto, ON, where he currently resides. His unapologetic attitude and addiction to gossip has made him an expert at getting the word out.

He studied Fashion Marketing at the International Academy of Design, after which he founded his own business in 2009, Wargachuk Brand Management. Since starting his business, he has designed websites, event posters, and marketing materials of every shape and size for high profile entertainers, local small businesses, and large corporations.

On April 17th, 2011, Joey was mugged in the parking lot of the Dufferin mall in west end of downtown Toronto, and knocked unconscious, leaving a scar at the back of his neck. The ordeal left him with post-traumatic stress disorder and changed the way he sees reality, though he attributes this event as the point in his life which solidified his resolve to be a storyteller.

Joey has been a long standing advocate for the accessibility of self-publishing, along with the importance of being transparent in the use of ghost writers.

His first story, The App of Time Travel will be published in 2014, takes  readers on a wild adventure through time as a young high school student from Toronto unlocks the secrets of the universe. The first book in a series of 5.